Dear Colleagues

On behalf of the Organising Committee of the 14th European Women Pharmacists’ Meeting (EWPM), which will be held on 23 November 2019 in Dresden, I would like to invite you to our unique congress.

The EWPM was initiated by the German Women Pharmacists’ Association in 2004 to offer European women pharmacists from across all sectors of pharmacy, including community, primary healthcare, hospital, industry, university and administration, a platform for professional and scientific exchange.  The understanding of different structures and solutions within Europe helps women pharmacists to develop professionally. Supported by a network of committed colleagues women pharmacists can build up established concepts in their own country and actively counteract undesirable developments for the well-being of patients.  Male pharmacists are welcome as participants and speakers. However, due to the EWPM’s orientation, the majority of the attendees and speakers are women pharmacists.

Since 2004, 13 EWPMs have taken place in Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria and Iceland and from 2017, these meetings have been organised by a committee of members from various women pharmacists’ associations, including representatives from the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Austria, Iceland and Germany.

One of the aims of this one-day meeting is to hold the EWPM each year in a different country in Europe in order to reach as many women pharmacists as possible. For the 14th EWPM in Dresden we are expecting 50-70 participants and are supported by the German Women Academic Federation (Deutscher Akademikerinnen Bund DAB). Many of the long standing participants of EWPM are active in their professional national organisations and women’s associations and therefore have the necessary resources to initiate changes in their countries. Young colleagues receive many ideas for their professional work and are encouraged to become involved in professional policy.

I cordially invite pharmacists from your country to participate in the 14th EWMP in Dresden.


Ulla Holtkamp

DAB Working Group Women in Pharmacy


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